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SLO County Flood Control Zone 1/1A Arroyo Grande Creek MOU Group Coordination

May contain: plant, vegetation, path, soil, nature, outdoors, trail, road, and wilderness

CSLRCD has a long partnership with the County in support of the zone 1/1a flood control district along lower Arroyo Grande Creek. In 2006, CLSRCD joined a number of other local and regional partners to form the Arroyo Grande Watershed and Creek Memorandum of Understanding (MOU group). The objective of that MOU is to protect, manage and enhance the Watershed, creating a sustainable future for the surrounding communities and the environment. The cooperative structure of the MOU Group provides a powerful resource for developing innovative and creative solutions to critical problems and for leveraging resources to ensure efficient and effective use of public funds.

CSLRCD facilitates quarterly meetings of the MOU group, and works with partners to identify cooperative opportunities to manage water resources in the watershed more efficiently and sustainably. 

Partners: Private Landowners, Creeklands Conservation, City of Arroyo Grande, State Parks, County of SLO, 

Funders: County of SLO

RCD Contact: Hallie Richard,