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Josh Kouri

Position: Regional Coordinator- South Central Coast Carbon Farming Hub 
Email Address:
Josh Kouri, Regional Coordinator

Josh is a farmer, biologist, and educator from Oklahoma City. He has a bachelor's in biology and a master's in plant biology from the University of Oklahoma. Over the past decade he has pursued a wide variety of research projects in ecology and conservation biology, as well as hands-on work as a farmer applying the principles of regenerative agriculture. Most recently he worked for the Oklahoma County Conservation District as part of the state's Soil Health Team, providing leadership and guidance to farmers and ranchers working to make their operations more resilient and sustainable. Following a move to San Luis Obispo, he is excited to connect with the local agricultural community and be a resource in their efforts to steward the abundant natural beauty of the Central Coast. When he's not at work, you can find him hiking, camping, and kayaking with his wife Kayla, or hitting the beach with his two pups, Moose and Penny.