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Avery Humber

Position: Seasonal Restoration Specialist I
Avery Humber, Seasonal Restoration Specialist I

Growing up in San Diego, Avery spent much of her free time hiking, surfing and exploring. Throughout high school, they followed their interest in the natural world and moved to the Central Coast to study biology at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Avery pursued coursework and concentrated her studies on ecology, evolution, biodiversity and conservation. With a strong interest in human environmental impacts, they are also working toward minors in anthropology and geography as well as environmental studies.

Outside the classroom, Avery grew involved in volunteering to help maintain the Cal Poly Plant Conservatory and assisted in pressing research specimens at the herbarium for graduate students. She has additionally maintained barista positions at two separate local coffee shops and loves to discover unique small businesses today. With hobbies of camping, hiking, crafting and photography, Avery finds exploring the Central Coast the best use of their free time.