Board Members

  • Neil Havlik

    Neil Havlik

    Neil has served on the RCD Board since 1998, and he has worked in natural resources all of his professional life. He received his B.S. in Biology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, M.S in Botany from UC Santa Barbara, and Ph.D. in the interdisciplinary Wildland Resource Science program from UC Berkeley. His working career has included land-use planning, environmental impact analysis and mitigation, natural resource management, property management and land acquisition. He held a variety of positions in the Bay Area and was the Natural Resource Manager for the City of San Luis Obispo upon retirement.

  • Jean-Pierre Wolff

    Vice President
    Jean-Pierre Wolff

    Jean-Pierre joined the Board in 2004 and brings a unique combination of sustainable vineyard management, science and engineering experience to the group. He is the owner and vintner of Wolff Vineyards, a family owned, ecologically friendly vineyard and winery in San Luis Obispo. He earned an Electrical Power Engineering degree, an M.B.A and a Ph.D. in Science and Technology Management. Jean-Pierre also obtained Teaching Credentials and an Electrical and General Engineering Contractor’s license, holds U.S. Patents and has published numerous International technical papers. He often is a speaker on sustainability issues.

  • Dave Alford

    Board Member
    Dave Alford

    Dave joined the RCD Board in 2008. With his background in agricultural business, he manages his own diversified farm/ranch operation. He received his B.S. degree in Ag Business from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Upon graduating, he worked for a fully integrated dried fruit operation where he helped design and fabricate fruit processing lines and participated in stone fruit orchard layout and management. Dave returned to the Central Coast to work on the family ranch. Then he and his partner purchased the business from family members and developed a diversified farm and ranch operation, implementing many conservation practices.

  • Jessica Crutchfield

    Board Member
    Jessica Crutchfield

    Jessica joined the Board in 2017. She is a shareholder in a small environmental law firm. Her practice includes assisting stakeholders with environmental due diligence, risk management and compliance. She brings general legal experience as well as a broad understanding of environmental law to the RCD. Her J.D. includes a certificate in Environmental Law and Urban Planning. She is the mother of young twins, so she does not have much free time. When possible, however, she enjoys yard work, hiking and camping. She and her husband, children and dog reside in Los Osos. 

  • Kevin Piper

    Board Member
    Kevin Piper

    Kevin joined the RCD Board in 2018. He earned a B.S. in Natural Resources Management and a Masters in General Agriculture at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He worked as ranch supervisor for Cal Poly’s Swanton Pacific Ranch, moved to Nevada where he worked for Dayton Valley conservation district manager and on a family farming operation, and was assistant director for the Nevada Agricultural Experiment Station. He returned to Cal Poly to serve as director of Agricultural Operations, managing more than 6,000 acres for Cal Poly and the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences.

  • Ron Munds

    Board Member
    Ron Munds

    Ron joined the Board in 2016 as an Associate Director and as a Director in 2019. He brings to the RCD his expertise in water conservation and water policy development. Ron graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a B.S. in Natural Resource Management. He worked for the City of San Luis Obispo as the Utilities Services Manager, which included stormwater, solid waste, energy and recycled water. He also worked for the County of San Luis Obispo as the Utilities Division Manager. Recently Ron took the position as General Manager of the Los Osos Community Services District. He enjoys surfing and music.

  • Linda Chipping

    Board Member
    Linda Chipping

    Linda received her B.S. from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and M.S. from Penn State University. She has had overseas experiences that include working three years in a community development program in India to set up community vegetable gardens and poultry demonstration projects; and working two years in Nepal at a technical training institute. Linda also managed a public health program in two southern Arizona counties for several years. She believes the best place to spend time in San Luis Obispo county is outdoors. She and her husband love to explore the varied, beautiful landscapes of the West by camper van.

  • Cheryl Lenhardt

    Associate Board Member
    Cheryl Lenhardt

    Cheryl joined the RCD Board in 2004 and has a background in construction and civil engineering with an emphasis on drainage and erosion control. Cheryl is a licensed civil engineer who received her B.S. in Environmental Resource Engineering from Humboldt State University. Her background helps the RCD focus its resources on projects that will garner the biggest environmental good for the money spent. She currently is the CEO of Lenhardt Engineering, a Civil Engineering and Construction Management firm based in San Luis Obispo. She is active in the cycling community.  

Our Staff

  • Jackie Crabb

    District Manager
    Jackie Crabb

    Jackie joined the RCD in 2014 as their first-time District Manager. Prior to that, she worked for the San Luis Obispo County Agricultural Commissioner, Ag in the Classroom, and for 13 years as the Executive Director of the San Luis Obispo County Farm Bureau. Jackie holds a B.S. in Agricultural Business Management from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and she is a graduate of the California Agricultural Leadership Program. While living in Northern California, Jackie attended law school but cut it short after 1½ years so that she could move back to SLO as the Farm Bureau Executive Director. Jackie enjoys genealogy, gardening and cooking.

  • Hallie Richard

    Programs Manager
    Hallie Richard

    Hallie joined the RCD team in 2016. She earned a B.A in Environmental Studies from SFSU in 2009. Her involvement in agriculture began with her first job in the pear orchards of Mendocino County, and includes grape harvests in northern Italy, an olive harvest outside of Rome, a year as the Mendocino County Viticulture Technician for Constellation Wines, three years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Panama working on water/sanitation projects, and two years with the NRCS in Castle Dale, Utah. Hallie enjoys traveling, cooking, baseball and all of the outdoor activities the Central Coast offers.

  • Grant Johnson

    Project Manager
    Grant Johnson

    Grant joined the RCD in 2018. He grew up in Morro Bay, spending time exploring the region’s diverse coastline. He attended the University of San Diego where he majored in Biology, with a concentration in Botany, and minored in Chemistry. For his senior research project, he conducted a study on the bioactivity of native Southern California plants traditionally used for medicinal purposes. After graduating, he worked as a field botanist in the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area outside of Las Vegas before joining the RCD team. Grant is excited to be back on the Central Coast and working with the RCD team.

  • Joe Murphy

    District Engineer
    Joe Murphy

    Joe, who joined the RCD in 2018, is committed to the work of restoring a healthy relationship between humans and their environment. He is excited to use his skills to serve that vision through the RCD. He has experience in grading and drainage, stormwater management, small-scale restoration, ecological agriculture and construction management. In his time away from the RCD, Joe works as a handyman, co-manages a program in Applied Ecology at Cal Poly, and tends a small homestead with his partner. He has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and is a licensed Professional Engineer.

  • Mark Skinner

    Restoration Specialist II
    Mark Skinner

    Mark has been with the RCD since 2013 and has a B.S. in Landscape Architecture from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He has been involved in environmental work beginning with native plant landscaping then giving composting workshops and ecological gardening classes. Since 1998, Mark has worked in the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes, where he eliminates invasive plant species and enhances opportunities for rare plants to thrive. Mark also writes a monthly invasive species report for Obispoensis a publication of the San Luis Obispo chapter of the California Native Plant Society.

  • Lindsay Ringer

    Restoration Specialist II
    Lindsay Ringer

    Lindsay joined the RCD in summer 2019, following a stint as a volunteer in fall 2011. She has done restoration, conservation and research in national parks and public lands and has an M.S. in Ecology. She specializes in plant-soil interactions, invasive species and endangered species. From spring 2009 to 2011 she worked in the agricultural regulatory program at the Central Coast Water Quality Control Board doing data management, mapping and administrative work. Lindsay has also volunteered for the Morro Bay National Estuary Program to conduct stream water-quality monitoring.

  • Jessica O’Neill

    Restoration Coordinator
    Jessica O'Neill

    Jessica received her B. S. in Field and Wildlife Biology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. She worked as an endangered bird monitor with CA State Parks, monitoring populations of the western snowy plover and California least tern. Still with State Parks, she then transitioned into two years of growing California native plants and restoring vegetated areas within the Oceano Dunes. She has a love for rehabilitating land that has been impacted by humans, and is excited to continue restoration work with the RCD team. In her free time, Jessica enjoys rock climbing, pyrography and training her parrots.

  • Shelly Rachels

    Shelly Rachels

    Shelly joined the RCD in summer 2018. After spending the first part of her life in the hot Central Valley, she sold her home and lived the RV travel lifestyle for a few months until Morro Bay called her back. She is loving life on the Central Coast. Shelly has an A.A. in accounting and has many years of experience working in office manager positions, mostly for agricultural-related businesses. She has also worked as a realtor, a small business owner in construction and a staff accountant. Since coming to San Luis Obispo County, she continues to work in offices, as an Uber driver and in elder care—what her heart loves.

  • Della Barrett

    Board Secretary
    Della Barrett

    Della has worked as CSLRCD Board Secretary since 2006. Her educational background is in Journalism and Accounting. She has served as a member of the Santa Margarita Area Advisory Committee and a member of the SLO County Water Resources Advisory Committee. Partially retired, she enjoys hiking and spending time with her family.