Stenner Creek Watershed Enhancement Project

Stenner Creek Watershed Enhancement Project

In 2022, CSLRCD was awarded funding from California’s Department of Conservation Riparian Corridor Restoration program for the initial planning phase for the restoration of the Stenner Creek watershed within Cal Poly’s boundaries. The project scope includes a robust set of surveys, both in-channel and up-slope, to determine primary sources of sedimentation into Stenner Creek. Erosion treatment plans will be developed for a suite of high-priority erosion sites, including engineered design plans and permits. The project outcome will be a shovel-ready project for implementation, phase 2. 

Upper Stenner Creek, a tributary to San Luis Obispo Creek and the geographic focus of the project, provides essential refugia habitat in the dry season for Steelhead in San Luis Obispo Creek, offering deep pools and riparian cover for over-summering Steelhead. Sediment from roads, trails and livestock grazing along Stenner Creek fill the pools, covering the gravel where Steelhead lay their eggs and increasing water temperatures. Reducing sedimentation is key to protecting this essential fish habitat in Upper Stenner Creek. 

Partners: Cal Poly, Creek Lands Conservation, Pacific Watershed Associates, 

Funders: DoC

RCD Contact: Hallie Richard,