Russian Wheatgrass Management

Russian Wheatgrass Management
Russian Wheatgrass Management

Invasive plants can significantly impact vegetation and wildlife communities, even ecosystem processes, when they become widely distributed. Russian Wheatgrass, a species known to be capable of spreading widely and having significant impacts on sensitive coastal dune ecosystems, is one of eight invasive species targeted by a collaborative eradication effort funded by the Wildlife Conservation Board.

Along with the Upper Salinas-Las Tablas RCD, Cachuma RCD, Land Conservancy SLO, and State Parks, a CSLRCD restoration specialist manages Russian Wheatgrass within the Oceano State Park. Treatment methods include manual and chemical treatment. 

Currently, Russian Wheatgrass in the treatment area is more than 99 percent eradicated as a result of this effort. 

Partners: State Parks

Funders: WCB

RCD Contact: Jackie Crabb,