Pollinator and Monarch Habitat Planning and Technical Assistance

Pollinator and Monarch Habitat Flowers
Pollinator and Monarch Habitat photos courtesy Yolo County RCD
Pollinator and Monarch Habitat flowers
Pollinator and Monarch Habitat photos courtesy Yolo County RCD

Pollinators are crucial to our environment and food supply—required by 85 percent of the world’s flowering plants and more than two-thirds of the world’s crop species. The many risks to pollinators—such as loss of habitat and the use of pesticides—are driving a decrease in their quantity and diversity.

Pollinators need a diversity of native flowering plants to provide them with nectar throughout the year, nest sites such as bare ground and dead wood, protection from pesticides, and a public that is informed about the benefits of pollinators. By supporting pollinators and reversing the risks, farmers, ranchers and community members can improve the surrounding environment and local food supply.

CSLRCD can assist producers to enhance pollinator habitat or incorporate pollinator beneficial practices into their operation. We will also be putting on educational events and webinars about the benefits of pollinators during summer and fall 2021. 

Partners: Private Landowners

Funders: WCB, CARCD, Xerces.

RCD Contact: Hayley Barnes, hbarnes@coastalrcd.org