Planning and Technical Assistance

Staff testing irrigation system

The Coastal San Luis Resource Conservation District (CSLRCD) provides assistance to plan for a diverse range of agricultural and natural resource practices, including nutrient management, erosion and flood control, carbon sequestration, soil health and drought resiliency.

Services include bilingual site assessment and initial consultation, topographic surveying, hydrological modeling, biological surveying and mapping, and the development of planning documents such as Conservation Plans, Carbon Farm Plans, Climate Smart Plans, Healthy Soils Plans, Erosion and Nutrient Management Plans. CSLRCD staff has developed plans for agencies and organizations including SWRCB, NRCS, SIP Certification and the Carbon Cycle Institute.

CSLRCD staff uses their combined years of experience and background to provide local growers, ranchers and landowners with the technical tools and plans to improve the health, function and productivity of their land. Having the right tools and a plan is the best path toward land stewardship, healthy resources and sustained livelihoods.

RCD Contact:

Hallie Richard,