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The HSP has two components: the HSP Incentives Program and the HSP Demonstration Projects. The HSP Incentives Program provides financial assistance for implementation of conservation management that improve soil health, sequester carbon and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The HSP Demonstration Projects showcase California farmers and rancher’s implementation of HSP practices. The Coastal Resource Conservation District (CSLRCD) supports both the Incentive Program by providing technical assistance to our agriculturalists and a Demo project in Avila.

Demonstration – Avila Valley BarN

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Coastal San Luis Resource Conservation District (CSLRCD), in partnership with Avila Valley Barn, demonstrates the implementation of soil healthy practices through the project, Compost Application on an Organic Central Coast Apple Orchard. The goal of the project is to provide an on-the-ground example of soil health practices while building an understanding of the quantified soil health and soil microbial community outcomes from compost application over three years.

CSLRCD and Jake Smith with Avila Valley Barn are holding at least three demonstration events for farmers and ranchers to learn more about this project. Included in the demonstration are soil sampling training and presentations on why soil health metrics are being tracked over time. Research partners such as Cal Poly professors and such soil health practitioners as other RCDs are invited to participate in the demonstration events to help foster a strong local network of on-the-ground, on-farm soil health conservation practices.

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Agricultural Technical Assistance

The California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Healthy Soils Program (HSP) has an Incentive Program that provides financial incentives to California growers and ranchers to implement conservation management practices that sequester carbon, reduce atmospheric greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and improve soil health. The Coastal San Luis Resource Conservation District (CSLRCD) has been awarded funding to provide agricultural technical assistance to farmers and ranchers for application preparation and submission to implement these practices. After a farmer or rancher has been awarded the HSP grant, the CSLRCD will continue to provide technical assistance for the three years of the grant’s term.

The HSP Incentives Program is currently accepting applications, and the CSLRCD is available to provide assistance to help farmers and ranchers with the application process. Applications are due June 26, 2020. More information about this program.


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The Healthy Soils Program stems from the California Healthy Soils Initiative, a collaboration of state agencies and departments to promote the development of healthy soils on California’s farmlands and ranchlands.