Job Announcement — CSLRCD Executive Director

The Coastal San Luis Resource Conservation District (CSLRCD) is seeking a dynamic, professional Executive Director (ED) to join our natural resources team. The CSLRCD service district (District) covers more than 463,024 acres along the coastal communities from Morro Bay to Oso Flaco, including San Luis Obispo. CSLRCD maintains two offices and employs six full-time staff engaged in sustainable agriculture, water resources conservation, and restoring and conserving coastal and inland habitats and ecosystems.

The ED leads the delivery of services as outlined by the District’s Strategic Plan. This position requires the ability to effectively communicate the CSLRCD’s goals, activities, roles, and responsibilities to other agencies, organizations, and individuals, as well as oversee administrative and budgetary functions. CSLRCD works in collaboration with state and federal partners, including the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service as well as nonprofits and stakeholder groups.

Reporting to CSLRCD’s Board of Directors, the ED oversees District staff and consultants, project planning and implementation including securing funding sources that are primarily, but not exclusively, grant-based. The ED works collaboratively and serves as a role model for staff by supporting the mission, vision, and values of the CSLRCD. CSLRCD offers interesting and challenging work that truly makes a difference in our community and a flexible work environment.

Experience and Qualifications:


B.S. degree or equivalent experience in soil science, agronomy, climate science, environmental science, natural resources, agriculture or related areas.  

Leadership experience including demonstrated strength in leading, managing, and motivating staff in a positive, supportive, and inclusive team-based atmosphere.

Experience leading grant and contract-funded organization(s) or programs, preferably of comparable size / budget to the CSLRCD.

Demonstrated strengths in strategic partnership development including initiating, cultivating, and maintaining durable and effective partnerships, and negotiating and upholding agreements.

Demonstrated skill in developing a financial strategy, and ability to work closely with finance professionals to develop and oversee a business plan and annual / multi-year organizational budgets.

Demonstrated experience cultivating and maintaining a positive external image and relationships with key stakeholders and influencers.

Excellent oral and written communications abilities including communicating 1:1, with internal teams, and with external partners.

Interest in and commitment to the communities and natural environment in San Luis Obispo County.


Experience in and understanding of today’s natural resource conservation issues, programs, and funding structures and trends.

Experience coordinating and motivating a governance board and/or other leadership volunteers.

Location: Morro Bay, CA with services and field work throughout District
Hours: Full-time, non-exempt status, regular position
Compensation: Salary Range $80,000 – $100,000

Plus Benefits Package: $3.00/hour health stipend, generous paid-time off (in lieu of paid holidays), 3% contribution to a SIMPLE IRA, sick leave (accrued at the rate of one day per month), and 40 hours/year professional development.

Please see a more detailed Job Description below.

To Apply

Please send cover letter, resume and three references to and include “Job Announcement” in the subject line. Deadline for application is Friday, May 13, 2022.

CSLRCD is an equal opportunity employer.

Job Description

The Executive Director is the chief administrator of the District, reporting to the Board of Directors, and is responsible for securing funding and managing the District’s business consistent with the strategic plan goals and objectives, and policies and procedures established by the Board.

Securing Funding

• The District does not receive any source of dedicated funding, and has been dependent upon (1) receipt of grant funding, (2) variable annual support from the County of San Luis Obispo, and (3) fee for service work. The Executive Director is expected to diligently pursue such funding sources that are relevant to the District’s mission.

Organizational Development and Planning

• Develop, maintain and update the District’s strategic plan, annual work plan and policies & procedures to be approved by the Board of Directors.

• Keep informed of local, state, and federal laws/regulations, ordinances, general plans and policies that affect conservation work within the District’s service area.

Program Management and Development

• Oversee and provide leadership in program development and specific projects.

• Identify, supervise, support and coordinate all fund development efforts including grant proposals, fee for service work, and base funding to maintain the work of the District.

• Coordinate with staff to determine the scope of work and budget for any grant proposal to ensure it fits with the mission, goals and expertise of the District.

• Support staff in the preparation of contracts with funding sources, bid documents, contracts for contractor services and materials, memoranda of understanding and interagency agreements. Approve all contracts and agreements.

Fiscal and Administrative

• Administer and supervise all aspects of the District’s office operations. This includes business and personnel files, insurance, updating of financial and personnel policies, record retention, coordination of monthly Board meetings, office space or capital equipment need, updates to the Board, and any other administrative activities pertaining to the operation of the District.

• Administer and supervise the preparation of annual budgets, timely revenue and expense reporting, audits, or any other information required to keep the Board advised of the District’s financial condition. Supervise any outside services as required.

• Develop, maintain and document an effective internal control system, including written accounting policies and procedures.

Personnel and Board

• Supervise staff including developing job descriptions, recruiting, hiring, training, determining compensation, promotion, discipline and termination.

• Maintain transparent and effective communications with staff and serve as liaison between staff and Board.

• Work with Board to develop policies and procedures as required.

• Propose personnel policy revisions and updates to Board to comply with all local, state and federal laws.


• Ensure that statutes and government rules and regulations pertaining to or affecting District operations are followed. Coordinate with legal counsel and auditors as required.

• Interpret and make decisions in accordance with the Brown Act, Division 9 of the Public Resources Codes, Conflict of Interest requirements, and other laws, regulations, policies and procedures.

• Working with staff, ensure compliance with local, state and federal requirements, such as: Ethic training, harassment prevention training, Form 700s, submission of annual audit to State Controller’s Office (SCO), SCO annual report, compliance with Division 9 of the Public Resources Code, etc.

Community Relations & Partnerships

• Serve as the primary spokesperson and public representative for the District.

• Promote the District and successful projects implemented by the District within the community and with the media via press releases, website, newsletter and social media.

• Other duties as assigned by the Board.